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P Athletes & Entertainers

The P Visa is a Non-Immigrant Visa allowing certain individuals (internationally recognized athletes, artists or entertainers) to work temporarily in the United States. The spouse and unmarried children of the P Visa holder may also accompany the P Visa holder to the United States during his or her duration of stay. The P Visa allows for individuals that are part of a team or entertainment group to come to the United States and perform temporarily. Other classifications under the P Visa cover individuals who perform, teach or coach in culturally unique programs.

P Visa Categories

There are four categories of P visas:

  • P-1 visas are for members of entertainment groups or individual athletes and athletic team members
  • P-2 visas are for entertainers participating in reciprocal international exchanges
  • P-3 visas are for people performing in culturally unique programs
  • P-4 visas are for the spouses and minor, unmarried children accompanying or following to join people with P-1, P-2 or P-3 visas

O Visa

The O-1 classification is a type of employment visa that applies to those who have extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics which has been demonstrated by sustained national or international acclaim and who are coming temporarily to the U.S. to continue work in the area of extraordinary ability. The standard for the O Visa is much higher than for the P Visas. However, an O-1 visa usually allows its holder to remain longer in the U.S. than a P Visa. The O Visa is initially granted for up to three years and can be extended for one year at a time. There is no limit to the number of extensions that may be granted.

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